Not Why? But WHY!

WhyAs we begin our preparations for the Why drama, we will see a great deal of our efforts and resources going into this production.  In the coming weeks, we will also have a study for our life groups on the gospel behind Why.  This led to the realization that we, even believers, spend a lot of time asking the question why? instead of declaring why.

WHY! by John Peavy

Far too often, as life crashes upon us, we ask the question, “Why?”  We include this in our prayers as if we have any right or authority to demand an answer from God.  However, we are certainly not alone.  I recently read in Numbers where Moses asked God more than once why God had called him or placed the responsibility upon him to do as God directed.

So, what are we really asking?  The answer is that we have a number of questions lumped into that single word.  The first is, “God, why is this happening?”  While the answer to that question may be beyond our understanding, the Bible is clear that God has a plan.  His plan was formed before the creation of the world.  His plan is for our good if we love Him.  The issue is that we take our eyes off Him when things get rough.  Rather than rely upon His power and His purpose, we place our trust in our own understanding and abilities.

The second question we are really asking is, “God, why me?”  Again, God has stated that He knows the plans that He has for you, plans for good and not evil.  He tells us that all things work for that good.  He has also assured us that our trials and tribulations work to prepare us for the purpose He has in mind for us.

This brings us to the other implied question of, “Why not tell me what that purpose is?”  Simply stated, we would not believe Him.  We would reject the idea that we could ever do what He has in store for us.  If you have ever run a marathon, you know that you do not simply decide one morning to go running for 26 miles.  It requires weeks, months, or even years of preparation.  There are pains, injuries, and setbacks as you prepare.  God has to build us up in the strength of our faith so that we are ready for His purpose.

The third question is, “God, why would you do it this way?”  He was very clear in His Word – His ways are not our ways.  Parents probably understand this concept better than most.  Dealing with young children, they simply do not understand the consequences of their actions.  As a parent, you try to limit their exposure to the things that can harm them and teach them that they can be hurt by those that you cannot complete remove.  Almost every parent has a story about the time their child tried to play with the electrical outlet.  Children cannot understand why something that they cannot see could hurt them.  God’s knowledge is so far beyond our own that we are not even at the level of a toddler in our own understanding.  Like that petulant toddler, we throw a tantrum because God won’t do it our way.

This carries over into the fourth question and brings us to the real point of our Why drama, FAITH evangelism, and our very existence as a church.  The question we are really asking is, “God, why am I being told to ‘Go’?  Didn’t you already save the world?”  It is true that God’s will is that none should perish.  God did send His only begotten Son so that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.  But, notice that it is for whoever believes in Him.  We have been given the task of carrying this good news to the entire world.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God!  How can the lost hear the Word if we are not out there proclaiming it?  God gave each of us a free will.  That gives us the ability to accept or reject the precious gift of His Son.  Our purpose as a church, as a ministry, as a believer is to carry that gift to those around us.  We are supposed to go into this world, who asks the same questions we do, so that we can loudly declare “This is WHY!”

Things to Know:

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2 thoughts on “Not Why? But WHY!

    1. Marissa,

      Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, we were not able to host the Why drama this year. We were all saddened that by this turn of events. We are prayerfully expectant that we will be able to get Why back on schedule next year.

      John Peavy


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