iWitness: Judy Metcalf

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The writing team felt that we should add to our posts by recognizing those who serve in our church and their contributions to the various ministries that make up Forestville.  Judy Metcalf is part of our Media Team.  Her testimony is an encouraging story and quite appropriate for our first in this series of blog posts.

Media Ministry

My name is Judy Wynn Metcalf and I grew up at Forestville.  My husband, Mitchell, and I attended another church when we first married but came back to FBC in 2002.

When I tell people I serve in church media I get some strange looks!  God is full of surprises and my story is a perfect example of God using one’s availability and not one’s ability!

I suppose it all started during an Easter performance of “The Victor” (currently “WHY”) in the old sanctuary.  My brother-in-law and nephew volunteered heavily in the media ministry and needed someone to run the spotlight from the balcony.  It was easy they said, just turn it on, follow Jesus (Ronnie Miller) down the aisle and turn it off when he gets to the stage.  I was hooked.  Though it would be years before I was asked to help in media again, it gave me a new appreciation for the fellas who worked behind the scenes.  It changed my prayer life and I started naming specific needs instead of generic prayers for the sound and media ministries.

Years later in a different sanctuary and with state-of-the-art equipment, I was asked to help in the media booth on the switcher (the piece of equipment that changes camera shots) on a Sunday night.  Someone was sick and I was available!  All I had to do was push a button when told.  Again, I was fascinated by all the work that went on behind the scenes – unless of course a mistake was made – then everyone noticed media!

I started volunteering in media on a regular basis and looked for ways to help in this all-male ministry.

WHY came and I was asked to assist on the switcher (determines which scenes go on the screen), the next year I ran a camera during WHY, the next I helped with the switcher again and eventually I was manning it alone and creating the rotation schedule for the camera guys to follow.

Often I have said I am the weak link on the media team.  I know the least about technology and yet God has chosen to use me.  I show up and He gives me a job.  Available!

The knowledge I have gained over the years in media has been vast and varied.  However, the spiritual truths God has taught me have been more precious and eternal.

Lesson #1. God does not want perfection!  This is tough truth to cling to when you put the wrong slide up at the wrong time and EVERYONE sees your mistake.  You see, God is perfect so I don’t have to be.  This was and is a hard lesson for me.  I am task oriented, but God continually reminds me over and over it is the condition of my heart He is interested in, not my performance. Proverbs 16:5 says a proud heart is an abomination to God.  His love is not based on my success or error-free service. I praise Him that He loves me no more and no less regardless of my skill set!

Lesson #2. Notice others and their service!  Stop taking people for granted.  Someone changes the toilet paper, empties the trash. . . .  well you get the picture.  When possible, encourage and say – “hey, what you do is important”.

Lesson #3.  God uses our availability not our ability.  God humbles me each time I step into the media both and I praise Him for the opportunity to serve Him.  He is changing me from glory to glory, moment by moment.  Be available and be amazed at how He can use you!


3 thoughts on “iWitness: Judy Metcalf

  1. Thank you Judy for that on-time message. I am struggling with the being perfect at everything but you have reminded me that being available is enough. I needed to hear this today. You are speaking to my heart, I appreciate you so much. Love, Candice Black


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