God Has Reconciled Us

This week in our Study of Ephesians, we are looking at how God reconciled us to Himself and what that means for us.  If you missed the sermon by Daniel Barta this past Sunday, you can watch it here.

No Compromise by John Peavy

Reading through Ephesians 2:11-22, it becomes clear that our sin caused a rift in our relationship with God.  We understand rifts because we have them with all kinds of people over everything from simple misunderstandings to major injuries to minor mistakes.  Pride (either theirs, ours, or, most likely, both) gets in the way of continuing a normal relationship with them.  Our expectations prevent any useful resolution from being reached.  After all, we were wronged and they need to come at least half way to resolve the issue.  God shows us a different attitude.  He came the entire way to right the wrongs we did to Him.  No matter how bad that other person has been to you or me, we were worse toward God.

broken heart love sad
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Given that we are to be Christ-like in our walk, that has to change the way we approach our perceived wrongs from others, including non-believers.  John 13:35 tells us, “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another.”  Paul gave us further demonstration of this in our text as he crossed cultural lines to minister to Gentiles.  Our reconciliation with God demands that we tear down every barrier between us and others to forgive and love them.  There is not an exception clause that allows us to hold onto hurts, racism, distrust, prejudice, nationalism, religion, sexism, or any other bias we have against another person or people.

Breaking Barriers
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The tragedy at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church comes to mind as I ponder this truth.  I remember the survivors and victim’s family members of the shooting coming to the court to face Dylann Roof.  Each one told Dylann that they forgave him.  Some struggled to utter the words as pain and tears welled up, but they told Dylann that God’s love was stronger than their pain and loss.

What are you holding against someone else?  What is keeping you from going the entire distance to reconcile with them?  Pray for God to break your heart, your pride, and your self-righteousness.  Ask for Him to reveal those people in your life that still need forgiveness and empower you to reconcile with them.  Then leave their response in His hands.

Things to Know:

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