God Has Saved Us

Our Life Groups are now in Week 2 of our study of Ephesians.  You can find an online copy of the study by clicking here.  Printed copies are available in the foyer or from Life Group Leaders.  Many thanks to our pastoral staff for making this study possible.  Please add your comments to let them know what the study is doing in your life.

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It was a typical morning commute in heavy traffic when a lady pulled out in front of me and immediately slammed on the brakes.  I had forty feet of space between us as I tried to shift from fifty miles per hour to zero.  In an effort to buy a few more feet of stopping room, I jerked the wheel to the left hoping to slide sideways toward her.  Instead, I ended up in a spin that carried me into the right lane where a tractor trailer hauling rock was bearing down on me.  I had no control of the vehicle as I watched the bumper of the truck fill my driver’s side window.  My last act before impact was to turn my head away to avoid getting glass in my eyes.

It was one of those moments when you just know the end is here.  In the blink of an eye, you come to the realization that judgement is at hand and what that will mean for you.  Even then, I do not believe we fully understand what lies in the balance.  In some ways, I think it is beyond our ability to comprehend how good Heaven or how bad Hell will be.  There is also the defensive mechanism in our minds that tries to minimize the reality of Hell or avoid it entirely.  Jeremiah 17:9 tells us that our hearts are desperately wicked.  Desperate is a good word for those who are lost.

It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God. – Hebrews 10:31

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In one form or another, those without Christ frantically go about their lives seeking to find some means to avoid or ignore the inevitable day that they face God.  Their soul knows Hebrews 10:31, even if their mind does not, and pushes them to avoid God’s wrath.  This has often been described as a hole in our hearts.  I would argue that it is the rift between our spiritual and flesh natures.  Christ gives us power to bring our flesh under control so that its nature aligns with God’s will and joins the two.

The things I had done to avoid an accident culminated into a clear moment of the inevitable.  After I had tried everything to avoid it, my time of reckoning was at hand.  In our lives, despite all of our efforts, there is nothing we can do to change our course.  Everything within our power leads to destruction.  But, just as the truck driver on that day swerved at the last moment to miss my door and hit the bed of my truck, God sent His Son to change our circumstance.  Instead of certain death, we have eternal life.  This was not done because we deserved it.  It was not something that was earned by any of us.  It was an act of love out of God’s infinite mercy.  It was His grace poured out for all of us.

But what about those who are still desperately searching for what we as Christians have already claimed.  We need to picture them as a small child, running toward a burning building with a bucket full of fuel refined from their own sin.  Will you stand by and watch them run into that building?  Or, will you stop them, show them how Christ emptied their bucket, and fill it with the living water?  No matter how bad they may seem to you or me, God sees them as a child and told us to seek them out and fill their buckets until they were able to fill others (Matthew 28:19).

Things to Know:

  • If you are not involved in a Life Group you can find a complete listing of our Life Groups by clicking HERE
  • You can get a member book for the study at the Life Group table in the Worship Center or you can get one by attending a Life Group

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