Study of Ephesians

Just a quick note about our newest study of Ephesians that started this past Sunday.  In case you were not able to meet with your life group or have not joined one yet, this link, Ephesians Study, will provide you with an electronic copy of the materials.

There are three devotions per week.  There is also reading guide that can be found on page 33.  The reading guide looks at the book of Acts which parallels the events in Ephesus.  What you will find in this study is that God loves you, He made a way to remove your sins, and He provides for you as only the King of kings could.

We will post our regular blog later this week.  Please continue to follow, like, and share our posts.

Things to Know:

  • If you are not involved in a Life Group you can find a complete listing of our Life Groups by clicking HERE
  • You can get a member book for the study at the Life Group table in the Worship Center or you can get one by attending a Life Group

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