You Are Rich!

It always takes my breath when I am able to clearly see God moving in my life.  One of the ways I can often tell is when my personal Bible study, Life Group, and the study my wife and I do together coincide with other sources of God’s word in my life such as the radio, sermons, or conversations with other believers.  It becomes abundantly clear that God is communicating an important message.

Our upcoming study on Ephesians is an example of that experience.  Knowing the number of times I have already been presented with messages from this text in the past week has me excited about what God is about to do through this study.

Just last night, in the study my wife and I are reading from H. Norman Wright, we looked at how rich we are in the gifts detailed in Ephesians.  Paul wrote of those riches five times in the first three chapters.  We are a chosen people, chosen before the foundation of the world to be His adopted children, we are forgiven as the result of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, and we have the Holy Spirit who “enables us to respond in faith to God’s love” – Wright.  These are riches that cannot be taken from us and give us a security beyond anything in this world. 

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To think that God thought about me before he ever spoke the world into existence, provided His forgiveness for my sins, and His power to live within me is overwhelming.  There has never been a king so richly rewarded in all of history.  Even now, my home in heaven is being prepared and gold bricks are being used to pave my walkway.  God’s love for me is beyond measure and completely undeserved.

This week we do not have a question from our study.  Instead we are taking the opportunity to hear from our pastors.  God bless our pastors and staff for all they do and their devotion to serving our Lord and Savior.  In the letter from Pastor Ken that introduces our study, he seems to share my anticipation for what God is doing.

A Message from Pastor Ken

Dear Church Family,

It is with great joy and excitement that I write to encourage you to fully engage in our newest sermon-based Life Group Study on the book of Ephesians. The series title is, Ephesians: Loved, Secured, Reconciled.

Our complete pastoral staff has worked together through these devotions as part of our weekly staff meetings. This exercise and blessed and encouraged each one of us.  We prayerfully strive to provide a Biblically based and theologically accurate study that will help us grow in our relationship with the Father and with each other.

When Christ redeemed us from sin and death, He incorporated all believers into His body. It is therefore critical to understand the nature and calling of the church that we might be effective members of the one body that is called to bear witness to God’s grace in this world.

Paul spent the first three chapters of the letter discussing God’s creation of a holy community by His gift of grace in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each member of His body has been born again by God through the work of Christ, adopted as sons and daughters of God, and brought near to the Father through faith in His Son.  All people — Jews and Gentiles alike — were dead in their transgressions and sins, but God has made His people through the person and work of Jesus Christ.

In the second half of the letter, Paul encouraged the Ephesian to pursue maturity in their faith.  After laying out profound theological truths in the first half of the book, Paul made his purpose clear: he expected that this community of faith would walk in accordance with its heavenly calling.  The truths believers accept by faith should lead to a transformation of their practices as they live in relationship with those in the church, their homes, their communities and the world.

We encourage you to be faithful each week to the corporate teaching of God’s Word each Sunday morning, and we pray you will also faithfully strive to live out these truths in the relational context of Life Group.  In Christ, you are loved, secured and reconciled, and through this study we pray God will increase your joy in Him and your passion for ministering to others for His glory.

In His Love,

Pastor Ken


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Things to Know:

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